After dedicating 29 years of life to scientific area of study by teaching, research work and supervising the students of science, seeking and sharing the latest information in diverse fields of science and technology it has become very close to my heart.

Being born and raised in Pakistan, I have experienced many instances where hard-working individuals and researchers did not get proper recognition and attribution for their work due to the lack of finance and deficiency in other resources. I have started this initiative as a mission to contribute to the scientific community and to provide a forum for the worldwide researchers to collaborate, especially with those belonging to lower-middle-income countries.

This is a challenging task for me but with the help of my qualified team, passionate faculty members, diligent students and cooperation of our respected reviewers and editors, I believe we can achieve this goal. For our noble cause and to advance the technological innovations and excellence in order to benefit the humanity, I encourage scholars to publish their work for a productive exchange of knowledge, recognition and early citation of their work.

I myself will supervise and enhance the development of Quest Researchers by acquiring more journals related to the disciplines of Engineering and Sciences offered in QUEST. The purpose of this project is to promote communication, networking and interaction between researchers by broadening the opportunities for them to publish their work in open access journals. Furthermore, by arranging workshops, seminars and conferences at national and international level, we can form new relationships and strengthen the existing ones with scientific professionals belonging to different nationalities.

I hope the best for global scientific community and want them to continue expanding their boundaries of knowledge and wisdom.It is my utmost desire to see Publishers prosper and to empower researchers and authors in their work and allow them to share their insights and experiences without any constraint.

Prof. Dr. Saleem Raza Samo
Vice Chancellor
Quaid-E-Awam University Of Engineering,
Science & Technology, Nawabshah, Pakistan