QUEST Research is an English-language academic journal publisher owned by Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology (QUEST), Nawabshah, Pakistan. We publish open access, peer-reviewed journals. QUEST is responsible for managing the administration and publishing process by gaining their complete recognition.

Our journals have been acquired from an international publisher. Our purpose is to provide a platform for national and international scholars and scientists to collaborate with each other and act symbiotically to make technological innovations and scientific research freely and easily accessible to millions of readers worldwide.

In addition, the motivation for developing Publishers came from the realization that in this era of expanding scientific technology and research,talented individuals of Pakistan and other developing countries must have enough opportunities and resources to make significant contributions in accelerating the dissemination of knowledge through publishing high quality articles in order to benefit the humanity.

Our vision is to have a positive impact on our local as well as the global scientific communities by providing equal opportunities to them for sharing and seeking knowledge. At present, QUEST is accredited with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and is a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities. We have 300 faculty members and 4000 students/scholars enrolled in different disciplines of Engineering and Science ranging from undergraduates to post graduates apart from few affiliated colleges.

Publisher’s editorial and review board members are selected from all over the world as per our policy and the journals are managed by a special team of professors. This enables our faculty members and students to share their experiences and work together with the international researchers and scholars. They are alsoencouraged to publish their own work and earn the proper attribution that they seek to achieve.

To achieve these goals, we haveset our core values and promote them for a better future: